September 9, 2018

Upcoming Trends This Fall

  Every season new trends come along. Some of them we love and incorporate into our own wardrobe and some we don't particularly like but see everyone else wear. Today I'm going to be sharing with you trends that are going to be worn this Fall.
1. Animal Print 
  I remember back in 2012 when animal prints were such a huge thing. Everyone was wearing it on everything from their tops to their shoes to their handbags. Some of the most popular prints are cheetah, leopard, and zebra. I love how fun and playful animal prints are.

2. Brown / Blue 
  The two main colors that are becoming more popular this Autumn is brown and blue. I personally don't wear a lot of brown because I'm a brunette and if I wore it I feel like it would be too much brown but now everyone's starting to wear brown on brown. I do however love blue. I think it looks great on everyone. It's such a universal color. I can assure you I will be wearing a lot of it this season.

3. Crystals 
  Crystals are so gorgeous the way they twinkle and glisten in the light. They make everything look so much more luxurious and expensive. Crystals are/ will always be on trend and in style. It's a timeless trend that won't date unlike most other trends. I've been seeing crystals appear more and more lately and I'm not just taking about jewelry. Shoes, handbags, and clothing are now having crystals incorporated on them.

4. Wrinkled Boots
  One of my favorite parts of the fashion in Autumn is the boots. I adore boots, they're so comfortable and look fabulous paired with leggings and a sweater. The look of slouchy, wrinkled boots is coming back into fashion. A few years ago I remember people would wear these and then tall, knee high boots became so popular and now we're back to these!

5. Multi - Purpose Scarves
  Scarves are worn completely different now. Forget just wearing them around your neck now they can be worn as decor on you handbag, a belt, a tube top, a kimono, etc. They look so unique and different. It's hard to tell if a top was originally a scarf or it was an actual top. You can wear scarves so many ways. they're lovely multi- purpose products.

6. Vintage 
  Vintage is such a classic. It can go out of date because it's vintage, HELLO! In all seriousness vintage is always the way to go. It makes any outfit go from drab to fab. Since vintage is so old very few, if any people have the same vintage piece as you. It's a great way for your outfit to stand out and make a statement. I recently did a post on my vintage Dior handbag you can read here.

  I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm sorry I missed a post last week. It was a really hectic week but I'm going to try my hardest to upload every week. Please leave me a comment and tell me what trend you're most excited for this season.


September 2, 2018

What I'm Most Excited About For Autumn

   Autumn is now officially approaching us! I get so excited when we get into a new season. Each season is completely different from the other. It's a change of scenery for every season. Today I want to get into the mood and prepare for Autumn this year. Hopefully this will make you get into the mood as well!

1. The fashion 
  I love Autumnal fashion, you can wear a skirt and a tank top one day and then the next you can wear a chunky knit sweater with pants. The weather is the perfect temperature so you still can wear some of your Summer pieces or you could wear more cold, Wintery outfits. I'm really looking forward to start wearing outfits that are more cozy and warm when the weather gets colder.

2. The weather 
  I kind of already talked about it but one of the best parts of Autumn is the weather. It's the most lovely temperature. It's not to hot or cold like in Summer when it's boiling outside or Winter wear it's too freezing to step outside. I love the chilly breeze in Autumn, it feels amazing!

3. Nature becomes so colorful 
   I love it when the leaves start to change color. It's just so beautiful they become so colorful. It's the only time of year when the leaves turn yellow, red, and orange. Autumn really showcases just how beautiful nature can be. This is probably the season I spend the most time outside in.

4. One year of my blog 
  I can't believe in October it's going to be a year since I started my blog. I have to say it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I have truly enjoyed writing these posts, taking the photos, and sharing my opinions with you. Having a blog is really hard work and that's why I've only put one post up a week. As I've said on my Instagram I believe in quality over quantity always. I'd rather post less and be really proud of my content than put up a bunch of posts just to put them up.

5. Holidays start approaching 
  I feel like Autumn is when all the holidays are starting to approach us and seem so close. Halloween and Thanksgiving are amazing holidays in Fall. They give us a break to relax and enjoy it. Then Christmas is literally right at the end of the season, so there is so much to look forward to!

Other Things I'm Excited For: 
- The hot drinks (Pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolates, apple cider, etc)

- The sunsets (Are even more gorgeous and colorful)

- My birthday (Is on October 9th and I'm so excited to celebrate it!)

- Bonfires (There's nothing better than roasting marshmallows around a bonfire wrapped in a blanket)

- Candles (The best scents are in Fall)

  I hope you enjoyed this post. I love reading about what everyone else is excited for this Autumn. Please comment down below what your most excited for. I'd love to know! Also I'm going to be doing something special for my one year anniversary of Southern Belle Forever! I can't wait to share it with you very soon! :)


August 19, 2018

Drugstore Makeup Haul

  Hello everyone! I recently picked up a few drugstore products that I've been wanting to try. I'm going to share my thoughts and opinions on them. I have been trying them out for a few weeks now so I'll tell you what I think of them so far.
  I really love this palette. The color selection is so unique. I especially love the shimmery gold and plum colors. This isn't a very natural, everyday palette but sometimes it's nice to switch things up and not have the same neutral shades. It's perfect if you're planning on going out or want more of a dramatic eye look. The shadows are very bold and pigmented. You barely have to tap into them. They are a little powdery but that's nothing a little tapping of the brush won't fix. They're super long lasting as well. I hate when you can't see your eyeshadow at the end of the day. You can create such beautiful eye looks with this palette. Highly recommend!

    I originally found out about this product through Madelaine Petsch. She said she loves this eyebrow kit in a few of her videos, so I really wanted to try it since she raved about it. It really is amazing. It's a very buildable product so you can make you eyebrows as natural or bold as you want which I find quite useful for different occasions. I use the gel (left side) then go in with the powder (right side) and it gives my eyebrows a little more shape and thickness. It's so great and so inexpensive. I have the shade medium.

    This liquid eyeliner is so easy to apply. For someone like me who doesn't wear eyeliner often and isn't as skilled at it, it glides on so easily over the upper lash line. If you're not very experienced at eyeliner I think this is a great option. It is metallic so essentially it's just a black color that's shiny and not matte. I have the shade in "Black Comet".  I really like the finish of it. It also is very easy to take off but it does crumble which I don't particularly like because it can get into your eyes.
  This is a setting spray so I use this after I finish applying all my makeup to set it all in place and to ensure my makeup doesn't budge the entire day. I haven't experienced any fading or smudging when I use this so I think it's working well so far. This is illuminating but it's very subtle. Sometimes illuminating products can make you look sweaty so I love that this doesn't do that. You don't look oily or sweaty but rather look very radiant and glowy.

  This lipstick is so creamy. I adore creamy lip products. They glide right over your lips and don't emphasis wrinkles or dry patches on them. Maybelline have some of the best lip products so it's no surprise to me that I like this. I am obsessed with this color. It's a plummy red color but leans more on the purple than red side. It's such a different color from any lip products I own. I usually go for light pink or nude shades. It's very long lasting and is a satin finish.

  Those are the products I picked up and have been testing out lately. Have you tried any of these products? What products do you want to try? 


August 11, 2018

The Perfect Backpack

  Hello everyone! I've recently picked up the most stunning backpack!  It's way to pretty not share it because that would just be selfish! It's this gorgeous Betsey Johnson floral backpack. When I first saw it I completely fell in love. I knew I needed it in my life. Backpacks have so many different uses. I feel like everyone needs at least one good one. They come in quite handy from time to time!

  This is what the exterior of the bag looks like. It goes perfectly with so many outfits since the background color is black. It's so colorful yet understated. This is the kind of backpack that you could wear year round. It's not just a bag you can only wear for one season, which limits when you can and can't wear it. It's such a nice size.  It's the perfect school or travel bag. It can fit so many items including a laptop, notebooks, binders, or what ever else you need.

  I also have to mention this detail on the front zippered pouch because I adore it so much! It has this big twisty knot/ bow on it. I love this detail it gives this backpack so much personality and character. It just adds that special something instead of leaving it plain!

  It even has cherries! The zippers have the most adorable little crystal clear cherries on them. It completely reminds me of something Cheryl Blossom would wear. It's what really inspired me to get the bag! I feel like Betsey Johnson just thinks about every detail possible. She always comes up with the most creative things and they're always so wonderful. Cheryl Blossom would definitely approve!

  If you think this bag couldn't get any better.......guess again! The interior is just as lovely as the outside. It has the prettiest light pink floral pattern. The flowers are so detailed and so are the green leaves. So when you open your bag to reach in for something you see a beautiful interior. This bag gets so many compliments but with good reason because it's adorable! It has a zippered compartment and two little zipper-less pouches which are very useful.

  I hope y'all are just as in love with this backpack as I am because I'm so excited to share it with you! What is your favorite bag?  Do you have any Betsey Johnson products? What do you think of this backpack?