November 25, 2017

The Perfect Girly Gift Guide for a Fabulous Holiday!

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Yay! Today is the start of the holiday posts! I'm thrilled we're now so close to the holidays/Christmas! I thought it would be only fitting to do a gift guide for my first seasonal post! I love reading gift guides every year to get inspiration to see what I want to ask for. 

Fashion and Accessories

1. Chandelier Earrings- Charming Charlie. These earrings are so beautiful! I love the tear drop gems! The gemstones are opal so they catch the listen and sparkle so perfectly!
2. Chenille Hoodie- Papaya. This material is really popular at the moment. I totally get it though because it's really soft and warm. Great for the colder Winter months!
3. Blush Crossbody Handbag- Betsey Johnson.  First of all the blush pink color is amazing! The flower and bee patches are adorable. The texture as well as the bag is really fun and youthful!
4. Heart Charm- Pandora. You can tell my obsession with Rose Gold! The heart detailing on the sides and the little pattern in the gem is so special.
5. Rose Gold Sparkly Sneakers- Kate Spade x Keds. Love these shoes! The tie is ribbon material so it is so pretty tied in a bow. These are the fanciest sneakers a girl can have!
6. Pave Watch- Charming Charlie. I love these watches! They are amazing quality and you can change out the gray strap if you want. The pave gems are gorgeous! The rose gold hands and detailing go perfect with the watch!


1. Rose Gold Brush Set- BH Cosmetics. These brushes not only look great but are super soft. Applying them in the morning is so soothing. It's like your getting a face massage!
2. Parisienne Perfume- YSL. This scent is absolutely amazing. I especially love it in the Winter because it's not a super sweet floral scent; it's more understated. Plus the bottle is beautiful! Looks great on my vanity!
3.Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist- Bath & Body Works. Now this scent is super sweet. It literally smells like a bakery making pastries! It always makes me want vanilla ice cream!
4. Glow-to Highlighter- Ciate London. This is a stunning powder highlighter. It comes in 4 amazing shades and I want them all! The packaging is also really pretty!
5. Makeup Bag- Charming Charlie. I love this bag! The saying is so cute and the color is so sparkly! There's nothing not to love!
​6. Sculpting Kit- Rimmel London. Everyone knows my thoughts on this palette because I did a post on it but if you haven't read it click here. This would be a great gift to give or receive! 

Little Inexpensive Gifts

1. Magical Wand Bubble Bar- Lush. This smells like cotton candy and is sparkly pink..... need I say more?
2. Rose Gold Vanity Mirror- Target. This is perfect to do your makeup. It has a more magnified side for more precision. It's also really easy to buy and get your hands on. :)
3. Avatar Sunglasses- Charming Charlie. These sunglasses are a feminine twist on the classic avatar sunglasses. They have a really unique woven pattern on the sides that are rose gold and pink. They are so pretty!
4. A Girl Like Moi By Lisa Barham- Barnes & Noble. I loved reading this book. I understand that not everyone loves to read but I passionately recommended this one if you love fashion! The little illustration on the cover and on the pages are such an adorable touch.
5. Sparkly Eiffel Tower Keychain- Amazon. This keychain is too cute not to share and I think every girl needs one! It's just so sparkly and pretty who could resist!
​6. Rose Lollipop Lip Balm- Lush. This lip balm smells amazing and is incredibly nourishing for dry, damaged lips. It's very hydrating and refreshing. The little tin is so cute as well. It also has really good benefits to help repair skin on your lips.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from this holiday gift guide! From now until Christmas the posts will be very festive! So get excited a lot more seasonal posts are coming your way! :)


November 18, 2017

How to Accessorize

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    As Winter is approaching us we still need to look as fabulous as ever! In the warmer seasons of the year I tend to focus on my outfits more than actual accessories, but in Winter I feel like it helps make my outfits go from drab to fab! Accessories make a complete difference in an outfit. It makes outfits look like thought and effort went into them. So I'm going to be doing a guide sharing my top 5 tips on how to accessorize! 

Tip #1. Don't Go Too Overboard!
Just because you have a simple outfit doesn't always mean adding more is better. One of the best tips I have to say is more isn't always better. Sometimes it may even ruin an outfit. For instance if you had just a classic black dress add delicate jewelry to go for more of a classier, elegant look oppose to a crazy colored statement necklace. Sometimes it's better to be simpler in your outfits, you don't always have to be super colorful and accessorized.

Tip #2. Never Clash Accessories With Your Outfit!
It's always a good idea to wear complementary colors. You may have gotten away with it in the warmer months but it is especially important in Winter! If you're wearing a nice blue and white outfit don't add an orange handbag, that isn't complementary. If you don't know what colors clash, take a look at the color wheel. The opposite color of another color is how you determine it! Some shades just don't go well together for example red and green or blue and orange. Don't get me wrong sometimes these colors do go together it all depends on the shade and style.

Tip #3. Wear Different Textures
This is also another way to make an outfit look like it had a lot of effort put into it. Adding texture gives that 3 Dimensional look. Like it came straight off the runway! Things like feathers and faux fur are perfect to add texture to your looks! Anything with feathers or faux fur scream my name! Just look at this handbag! Isn't it gorgeous? It's so feminine and dainty!  

Tip #4.  Add Color
Adding color makes the biggest difference in an outfit! I love seeing a neutral toned outfit with fun, colorful jewelry! It makes it so much more stylish and interesting. Anyone can wear a white blouse and black pants. When you add accessories that's when you stand out from a million other people in the same outfit! Just look at Carolina Herrera's designs

Tip #5.  Don't Forget About Shoes
Shoes honestly dress up or down an outfit. If you ever worry about being too dressed up or too casual just take a look at your shoes they say it all. Heels make everything so much more fancy and chic while flats make things more cozy and casual. Shoes can make a statement all by themselves even before walking into a room. If you aren't a huge jewelry fan (unlike Moi!) than your problem is solved! Everyone has to wear shoes and it isn't something you may forget to put on like jewelry. Shoes can be the center of attention in your outfit if it is a little dull. You can apply tip #4 to your shoes! BAM! You got yourself a look! Take a look at these! Also take a look at these stunning shoes. They're a dupe of the Jimmy Choo shoes

I hope you enjoyed this week's post! Next week may or may not be the start of the Holiday posts! ;) Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next Saturday for another post!


November 11, 2017

I Don't Sweat I Sparkle, or at Least My Sweatpants Do

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    Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! This week I've found these gorgeous Betsey Johnson sweatpants that I knew I just had to share. These are the most adorable and feminine sweatpants I've ever seen. They are a part of the Betsey Johnson Performance line. I LOVE Betsey Johnson as a designer. Her work is so whimsical, flirty, and fun. Not only are her designs beautiful they are really great quality. If you take a look at her designs you will understand that obsession is an understatement! These sweatpants are just so glamorous. I can't gush that to you enough. The material is velour which feels/looks so nice and luxurious on.

       It has the loveliest little detail on the left pocket that gives these pants that wow factor. It has two "patches" one of red puckered lips and a white heart that says "LOVE!" in black. These also have the prettiest little drawstrings. The caps at the end are rose gold and have Betsey Johnson engraved in them (see pictures below). They look so chic tied in a nice little bow with the rose gold end caps dangling. There isn't only rose gold there. On the bottom band where the pants come in are sparkly rose gold too! The band has two thick white stripes and in the center is where all the sparkle is. It's so unique and special, there is absolutely nothing like them. I also have pictured one of my Betsey Johnson handbags. I'm thinking of doing a post dedicated to some of my favorite Betsey handbags and will go in further detail in that post. That's all for this week and I'll see you with another post next Saturday. :)


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Betsey Johnson Sweatpants (Similar) 

November 4, 2017

Rimmel Sculpting Palette

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    Hey y'all! Today is my first beauty post! I'm reviewing the Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Palette. I have tested this palette out for the past few weeks and I LOVE it! This palette comes in three different shades. The lightest is 001 Golden Sands, 002 Coral Glow, and the darkest is 003 Golden Bronze.  I have this palette in the shade 002 Coral Glow because I am more of a pale girl. It contains a highlight, contour, and blush. I enjoy all three of these. They do all contain some shimmer but once it's on your skin you can't even tell. The blush is such a pretty delicate coral. It is very subtle but definitely build-able if you prefer more of an intense blush (I don't blame you! This shade is stunning!) Next, is the contour shade and I really enjoy this as well! It is more on the warm spectrum for contour but personally I don't mind. It's really pigmented and works really well. I have to remember not to go to overboard! Lastly, is the highlight shade and I am head over heels in love with this! It is so natural and not too shimmery. It looks like your own skin and as if you're glowing from within. You can't even tell you're wearing makeup! It is very long wearing and stays put all day, so you don't have to worry about touching it up during the day. It is amazing! Overall, I would completely recommend this palette. 5 stars! Let me know what your thoughts are on the palette, I would love to know! 


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