June 30, 2018

How to Decorate Your Vanity for Summertime

  Every so often I like switching up the decor I use on my vanity. I'm the kind of person that get's tired easily of keeping things the same for a long period of time. I'm very restless and like changing things up especially for different seasons. Today I'm going to share with you how I've decorated my vanity for Summertime.
   I recently got these antique French books. As you may know I love decorative little books. I have a few of these books you can see here. I love French/ Parisian things, it's always been a dream of mine to go to Paris. So much of my room is themed French. I think these give my vanity such a charming touch. I love the sayings they have on them. I'm so happy I got these, antique stores often have hidden gems like these.
   I really wanted to find a new makeup brush holder. I didn't really like the holder they were in so I swapped it out for this beautiful little cup. I love the gold accents, it's very fancy looking. I think this just adds so much more glamour on my vanity. The pink and gold on the cup go perfectly with the pink and gold handles of my makeup brushes! Match made in heaven.
    Decorative trays are a must on my vanity. I constantly am putting jewelry on my vanity and it creates such a clutter. I love having a designated spot to put my jewelry, perfume, and makeup on. Decorative trays really help me keep things organized and looking fabulous. They're so elegant and classy looking on my vanity.
  I would consider my style very Victorian. I've always loved very glamorous antique pieces. These folding hand fans scream that to me. I have one that's very sparkly and colorful and I have one that's pink and feathery. The first one I described is very Victorian and the second is more modern and whimsical. Fans are so beautiful and unique. You don't see them very often anymore which makes them even more special.
  These swan napkin holders are also very Victorian. You usually would see these at a tea party or lunch but they're too pretty not to display. I love the gold accents and flowers they have on them. I have multiple swans, I've found them at antique stores/malls. Antique stores are amazing because you find so many unique items you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's so fun to have a look around and see what you can find.

  I hope this post gave you some ideas/inspiration on how to decorate your vanity, desk, etc. You could use these ideas anywhere in your home. I did a post like this last Spring you can read here if your interested.
Which idea was your favorite?


June 23, 2018

First Impressions on the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

  I recently made a purchase that I've dreamed about getting for what seems like forever now.  I finally got the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette. When I got this in the mail I was so excited to open it. I pulled out the adorable pink package with a bow that said Too Faced. This has to be by far the prettiest package I've ever seen. Too Faced has the best packaging on their products and I love how every detail is thought of such as the box you receive your products in.
  When I first opened the box I saw the pink little packaging confetti and underneath it was the palette and samples I ordered. The box the White Chocolate Chip palette comes in is just as adorable as the actual palette. When I opened it I immediately smelt the scent of white chocolate. I love how Too Faced always make their products smell like heaven. They smell almost good enough to eat!
  I absolutely love the packaging of this palette! I think it's the prettiest and most adorable palette I've ever seen from Too Faced. I love how it's white chocolate, inspired by the light, pastel shades. It's such a feminine and whimsical palette. This is literally me in an eyeshadow palette!
  The white Chocolate Chip palette is a bite-sized eyeshadow palette of 11 cocoa powder-infused, soft and sugary shades that's perfectly portable. It is $26 for this palette. The shades in this palette are what really made me fall in love with it. I love light colors, it's practically all I wear on my eyes. I see myself using every single shade in this palette including the black. I love how it includes one darker shade for people who want more of a dramatic night look. It consists of 4 matte shades and 7 shimmer/foils.

  Even though this is a small palette I still can fit my brush in the pan perfectly and the mirror is amazing to use. They're so far very long-lasting and pigmented on my eyelids. The shimmers/foils are super pigmented and sparkly. The mattes are also very soft and pigmented to apply in the crease for a transition color or wherever you please.
  This palette is suitable for all skin-tones in my opinion. It may show up a little better on medium to deep skin tones since the shades are very light. That doesn't mean they aren't pigmented on lighter skin tones like myself. Lighter skin tones can certainly use this palette. The lighter shades just blend in a little more to your skin tone but they still are noticeable. Too Faced also has a palette called the Chocolate Chip palette. It is a bite-sized eyeshadow palette of the Chocolate Bar shades transformed in all matte finishes. If you're more a fan of matte or darker shades you may prefer this to the White Chocolate Chip palette. This would be great for all skin tones to use.
  Those are my thoughts on the Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette. I totally recommend it! It's the most beautiful palette I've ever used! I just adore it!

Have you tried this palette? Do you prefer lighter or darker shades of eyeshadow? What is your favorite Too Faced product?


June 16, 2018

Summer Wishlist 2018

  Every so often we have to update our wardrobe a little to dress for the next season. I love making these wish lists because I like seeing what I might like to get for that specific season. I also love reading these posts to give me some inspiration on what I possibly might want. Today I'm going to share with you some Summery items I want and maybe you will too!
1. Light Pink Flower Diffuser- Macy's. Diffusers have been very popular lately. I really want to try them. People say how relaxing they make you feel especially before bedtime. This one is so pretty. 
2. Rose Blush Trio Palette- Milani. I love blush, it's such an important step in my makeup routine. This palette has really lovely shades and Milani is known for their blushes so I'm sure this won't be any exception. I love the roses on each blush, it would be so pretty to display on your vanity. 
3. Rose Gold Bow Pendant Necklace- Betsey Johnson. I love how delicate and classy this necklace is. It's absolutely gorgeous especially since it's rose gold! 
4. Yellow Floral Cami- Garage. I love the print and color of this top. I have nothing like it in my wardrobe so this would be such a great addition to have.
5. Rose Colored Cat Eye Sunglasses- Aldo. These sunglasses are so chic and I love the shape. Even though it's a "cat eye" shape it's very subtle. The color is so pretty and unique for sunglasses.
6. Cactus Handbag- Betsey Johnson. I love this handbag so much. It's absolutely adorable! This is the perfect handbag for photos this Summer. I don't know how practical it is but that doesn't even matter because... just look at it!
7. A-Line Scalloped Mini Skirt- Asos. This skirt is so lovely. I love everything about it, the color, the length, the style. It's just the most amazing Summery skirt. You could even wear it year-round.  
8. Glow Recipe Watermelon Set- Sephora. I saw this brand on Instagram and immediately fell in love because it's pink skincare! It's the prettiest, most photogenic products I've probably ever seen and to make it even better it's watermelon scented! Just the dreamiest set!  
9. Black Floral Shorts- Garage. I recently got a pair of shorts from Garage and I've been wearing them all the time. They're so comfortable and pretty. This pair I saw in store and now I need them in my life. 
10. Makeup Revolution Concealer- Ulta. I've also heard a lot of great things about this concealer and now I'm really intrigued and want to try it out for myself. I love the pink packaging. Can you tell I have a pink obsession? 

  Those are the items that are on my Summer wishlist this year. What do you want this Summer? Please comment down below, I'd love to know! Also please share this post.


June 9, 2018

A June To-Do List

  June marks the first month of Summer which means there are a few things we need to do in preparation for it. Every season we have to get ready for the next upcoming one. A season changes a lot of the things we do, wear, eat, etc. So today I wanted to share with you what I need to do before we dip into Summer.
#1 Declutter/Sort 
  I always feel so accomplished and refreshed after I go through all my belongings to see what I don't need or want anymore. I like going through my wardrobe, vanity, desk, bathroom, etc. You'd be surprised what you've been holding onto for years. I find listening to music makes it more enjoyable because I know it's not always a fun process.
 #2 Get Fresh Flowers 
  I absolutely love flowers, they're one of my favorite things about Spring/Summer. Having fresh flowers in you house or room really gives a lively touch. There perfect to display. I have a post on how you can use flowers to decorate your vanity here. It will help you get some ideas on how to decorate with flowers. Flowers are beautiful and I totally recommend you get some this Summer.
#3 Get New Summer Staple Pieces 
  Another one of my favorite parts of Summer is the fashion. I love all of the floral and pastel prints I see. Every season I like getting a few new staple pieces I know I'm going to be living in. It also is an excuse to go shopping and trust me I take all the opportunities I can get to justify buying more to myself! Like I said anything that has a floral print or is pastel is automatically going into my cart.
#4 Rearrange/ Redecorate 
  I like redecorating almost every season because I like a change of scenery. I also love being creative and designing so it's almost as if I'm an interior designer when I decorate for a new season. I love seeing what looks good where and with what. It's kind of trial and error but I always love the end result. 

#5 Find A Few Good Books 
  I read constantly, I find it so relaxing. Sometimes my favorite part of the day is getting cozy in my bed with a good book and some tea. There's nothing more relaxing and peaceful to me. I usually read fashion based books but I also enjoy other genres. I want to find some more books that interest me because I don't have many right now. If you have any good book suggestions please let me know below in the comments.

  Those are the things I have on my June to-do list. What's on your to-do list this month? Please share this post, I'd really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!


June 2, 2018

A Little Pre-Summer Haul

 I recently went shopping and wanted to share the few items I picked up. Since Summer is coming upon us I wanted to get a start on getting some Summery items.

 The first thing I got was Pink Chiffon from Bath & Body Works. This has been a retired scent and I was thrilled they brought it back to stores. It is one of my all-time favorite scents. It is described as a light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing expresses the flirty femininity of feeling pretty in pink. The Key notes are Sparkling Red Pear, Jasmine Petals, Tiare Flower, Vanilla Orchid, and Chiffon Musk. It smells absolutely divine. I recommend this if your on the hunt for a sweet and feminine scent! 
  I also got from Bath & Body Works two PocketBac hand sanitizers. They both smell amazing. One was called Champagne Sparkle. It was pink and sparkly how could I resist? I also got a Berry Lemonade one. It has a cute little llama! I love how it's lilac. As you know I'm in love with this color at the moment! 
  I am absolutely obsessed with these pastel blue floral shorts. Not only are they adorable they're so soft and comfortable. I know I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of them during this Summer! I do wear denim shorts during Summer but I would much rather prefer to wear lightweight shorts such as these. 

  At Forever 21 I purchased this gold star anklet. The reason I bought this was because I knew I wanted to wear this as a bracelet. I'm not a fan of anklets, I never wear them. It was a little big for my wrist so I had to adjust it but now it's perfect. I love the little stars. I'm so fascinated with space, the moon, stars, etc. I think stars especially are beautiful. I'm so happy with how dainty it is. 
   Lastly, I got the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. I've heard great things about it. I'm so excited to try it out and I'll let you know what I think. I also have to mention the packaging. I love it, it's pink and gold which is my favorite color combination. 

 Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the things I bought. Have you tried/ have any of these items I've mentioned? I can't wait to start the Summer posts starting next week. Please share this post.